[Special feature]”007″ Who will be the 7th generation James Bond who succeeds Daniel Craig ─ Thorough analysis of the first 10 people

Published in 2006, “007 From “Casino Royale”, as the sixth generation from its predecessor Pierce BrosnanJames bondThe actor who took the roleDaniel CraigHowever, the 25th work in the series “007 / No Time to DieFinally graduated from the same role. Unfortunately, the endless beauty of the Craig version of Bond has been postponed due to the effects of the Corona wreck, and is currently being deposited until October 2021.

Now that Craig’s graduation is known, what is getting a lot of attention from the Hollywood world and fans of the “007” series is who the 7th generation James Bond will be. In October 2020, producer Barbara Broccoli revealed that the next role of Bond was “not yet considered”, but the “anticipated battle” will heat up because no definite candidate has been decided.

By the time this article was written, there were a variety of actors in the Hollywood world, from veterans to young actors, who raised their hands over the next Bond role, who recommended that he was a Bond actor. He has given his opinion on the 7th generation Bond.

In this article, I would like to pick up and introduce the 7th generation Bond actor candidates based on past testimony. And before that. In order for readers to think about which person is suitable for the role of Bond while reading the text, I will briefly introduce the character of James Bond that appears in the original novel by Ian Fleming as one criterion. Let’s go.

In THE RIVERWe will hold a “Next Bond Actor Expected Battle”. I asked the ideal Bond actor I envision to bet, and I will introduce the result in an article at a later date. Determine the most promising candidates by readers. Check it out as well.

James Bond, a British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) spy, is from the United Kingdom, as evidenced by his affiliation. To be precise, he was born to a Scottish father and a Swiss mother.

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