“Spider-Man 3” Tom Holland’s younger brother Harry, what is the deciding factor for appearance ─ Brother Tom reveals unexpected circumstances

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) version “Spiderman]Series 3rd work “Spider-Man: No Way Home]Two Hollands will appear.One is familiar with the role of Spider-Man / Peter Parker, who plays the leading role.Tom holland.. The other is Harry Holland, who is known as Tom’s younger brother and has also been involved in the production of the “Spider-Man” series.

It is said that the Holland brothers’ two-shot may be seen in “No Way Home”, and it seems that many fans are pleased with this,How did the brothers actually decide to co-star?.. His older brother Tom introduces the surprisingly simple process of Harry’s decision to appear in Collider.

Harry plays a character set as a “drug seller”. When asked, “Did Harry decide to appear in’No Way Home’at the audition?” Tom replied, “No.” The process is continued below.

I had a barbecue at my house in the first few weeks of shooting... Mr. Watts (director) was also there,Harry said to him, “Hey, listen, John. I was in the series from the beginning, when will you be in the movie?”.. So, John also came up with a perfect idea. “

Harry, who is usually active as a film maker, participated as a member of the production crew in the second series “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (2019). He claimed that he had “participated from the beginning” because he had “participated” in the scene, such as attending the premiere event of the first work “Spider-Man Homecoming” (2017). In any case, Harry decided to appear in the “Spider-Man” series by his own direct interview.

By the way, Tom talks about the details of the scene where Harry appears, but it will be spoiled, so I will omit it in this article. Let’s save it for fun until the release.

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