“Spider-Man” 3rd work, three titles announced ─ “Phone Home” “Home-Wrecker” “Home Slice”, performers are also puzzled

(10:09 postscript) Zendaya, who plays Michelle, gave the title of the third『Spider-Man: Home Slice』Posted as. “Home Slice” means “best friend”.In this postTom holland“Well … okay! I’ll call John (Director Watts),” said Jacob Batalon. “Okay, it’s ridiculous. I’ll talk to John!”

(Addition so far)

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)『Spiderman』It has been talked about that several US titles of the third work were announced through the performer’s SNS.

StarringTom hollandIs『Spider-Man: Phone Home』And the role of NedJacob BatalonIs『Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker』The title logo is posted. At this point it is unclear which is the correct title or whether both are fake.

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