“Spider-Man: Spider-Birth” director, Toei version Spider-Man enthusiastically talks ─ “We are building a completely unique world”

variousSpidermanAnimated movie that gathered togetherSpider-Man: Spider Bath(2018) One of the directors, Peter Ramsey, interviewed“Toei version Spider-Man”Is talking hotly.

“Toei version Spider-Man” was broadcast in Japan from 1978 to 1979, and in recent years it has become a cult favorite as an internet meme (Spider-Man). In the Toei version drawn with a world view reminiscent of Japanese special effects heroes, the original giant robot “Leopardon”, which is said to be the forerunner of the later Super Sentai, also appeared. It is now loved by overseas fans, and Takuya Yamashiro and Leopardon, also known as the Toei version of Spider-Man, appeared in the original comic “Spider-Verse” of the movie.

In fact, Leopardon was secretly appearing in “Spider-Birth” released in 2018. Producer Phil Lord has confirmed that the upcoming sequel will feature the Toei version of Spider-Man.

In response to a new interview, Peter Ramsey was asked for new information about “Japanese Spider-Man,” who is expected to play an active role in the sequel.Spy!(Supaida Man) “pronounced in Japanese. “I don’t know if he (Phil Lord) will use (Japanese version of Spider-Man) in the movie,” he said, “I’m not familiar with him (Japanese version of Spider-Man) in detail. ,It’s interesting that it’s fundamentally different from the Marvel Comics version.It ’s very manga-like, and it ’s building a completely unique world.“.

“Any artist or writer will be drawn to that uniqueness. Japanese Spider-Man? Of course I’ll ride 100%! That’s amazing.Super serious Japanese manga.. I feel a lot of emotion. “

He was asked, “It’s a completely different character, but do you think it fits the theme and tone of the first” Spider-Verse “?” And answered, “Somehow!”

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