Spike Lee & David Byrne collaborate to release “American Utopia” in Japan in May

Former Talking Heads frontmanDavid Byrne, “Black Clansman” (2018), “The Five Bloods” (2020), etc.Spike Leedirected by. The collaboration between the two representatives of the modern United States has finally come true. The movie “David Byrne’s American Utopia”American UtopiaWill be released nationwide from May 7, 2021 (Friday). At the same time, posters, trailers, and scene photos have arrived.

The original idea for this work was the album “American Utopia” (2018) by David Byrne. After the album’s world tour, the stage reconstructed as a Broadway show began in 2019, and its innovative content became very popular. Considering the possibility of visualization, David Byrne called out to Spike Lee, and the movie project started in earnest.

David Byrne’s live film includes Stop Making Sense (1984), a masterpiece from the Talking Heads era, but in collaboration with Spike Lee, it’s neither a documentary nor a record film, never before. The style live movie was completed. It was first released overseas and has been highly acclaimed, “a wonderful collaboration between two big names” (Variety), “one of the best masterpieces of this genre” (IndieWire), “overwhelming masterpiece” (Rolling Stone). ) And praise has been received.

At the beginning of the stage, David Byrne appears with a plastic brain and begins to talk about the evolution of the human brain. “The human brain declines as it grows.” Byrne, who begins to talk about such shocking research results, asks various contemporary issues through the stage. The importance of communication, the importance of elections, racial issues, etc. A story that shakes the consciousness of modern people living in times of turmoil is told.

David Byrne consciously chose an empty space on this stage, without microphones and drum sets, and moved around the stage with his new companions, 11 musicians and dancers. It was Annie B. Person who adopted the novel choreography such as the pantomime shown in it and the elements of the avant-garde. He was also the person who worked on the past stage of Burn. The production consultant is also handled by Alex Timbers, a member of the Burn family.

The 11 companions on stage are of different nationalities, and at the climax they sang “Hell You Talmbout” by Janelle Monáe, a protest song by Black Lives Matter. Five songs from the album “American Utopia” and nine songs from the representative songs of the Talking Heads era will be selected, and a total of 21 songs will be performed. Veteran David Byrne sings and dances powerfully. By teaming up with him and 11 new friends, it has become the best stage for further evolution as a musician.

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