[Spoiler]”Falcon & Winter Soldier” Episode 2, Young Avengers Candidate Character Appears?

“Avengers / Infinity War” (2018) “Avengers / Endgame』(2019) The story unfolds around the world that was drastically changed by the finger patching by the villain ThanosMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Phase 4.captain AmericaAnd Ironman and others are facing the harsh reality of the absence of heroes in the United States, but there are also depictions that presage the birth of a new hero.

Currently being delivered “Falcon & Winter SoldierHowever, new characters have appeared that will carry the next generation of MCUs. In the second episode, a character who seems to be involved in the Young Avengers whose formation is whispered appeared.

In this article, “FalconWinter SoldierIncludes spoilers for episode 2.

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