[Spoilers]”Falcon & Winter Soldier” Episode 3, Jimo ◯◯◯ was improvised ─ “I need to relieve stress” Daniel Brühl

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) works “Falcon & Winter Soldier“, Thenthe AvengersCaptain Jimo, who caused the division, reappears.In the third episode, there was a glimpse of a surprising side of Jimo that had never been seen before, but this time I played it.Daniel BrühlReveals a surprising fact about the scene.

In this article, “Falcon& Winter Soldier “Episode 3” Power Broker “spoilers are included.

Jimo made a full-scale re-appearance in the third episode “Power Broker”. Sam and Bucky visit Jimo, who was in prison, to find out more about Hydra. In order to locate the superhuman serum, he made a major change to his original plan and decided to jailbreak Jimo. After that, the three headed to Madridpur, a criminal city controlled by a power broker. This sequence in Madrid pool reveals a surprising side of Jimo.

That is the scene at the nightclub. As Sam and Bucky walk among the young people who dance to the music, only Jimo dances to the rhythm. The expression is as usual, but Jimo is as enthusiastic as the young people around him. Brühl, who mentioned this dance scene at Entertainment Weekly in the United States, said, “Was ad lib“. “When I saw a group dancing and enthusiastic,” he came up with improvisation, but he said that this dance scene represented Jimo’s feelings up to that point.

“I felt the beat. Jimo had been trapped in a noisy German prison room for years.He needed to relieve stress and showed a move.. It’s like “let’s do it”. “

For this improvisational dance, the role of SamAnthony MackieAnd the role of BuckySebastian StanIt seems that he was also watching, “Anthony and Sebastian’s LiactionI enjoyed it, “Brühl looks back at the time of shooting. However, because it was improvisation, “I thought it would be cut 100%,” says Brühl, but perhaps the production team liked this, the scene was used as it was. “I was very surprised and happy to have them left,” Brühl said. It seems that the dance scene was “more”, but it was cut. Do you ever see the light of day as an unreleased scene?

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