[Spoilers]Summary of monsters appearing in the movie “Monster Hunter” ─ How many large ones will appear?

Live-action movie version “Monster hunterHas finally landed in Japan from March 26, 2021.

In this work, Artemis, a member of the special forces who suddenly encountered a huge sandstorm and was sent to a mysterious world (Milla Jovovich) Is depicted as teaming up with a mysterious hunter (Tony Jaa) to take on a deadly battle with a monster. It was Milla Jovovich’s husband and film director Paul W. S. Anderson who took the megaphone.

On the same day that the movie version was released, “Monster Hunter Rise” was also released by Nintendo Switch.gameAnd the movie theater is showing great excitement.In this article, it appeared in the movie versionmonsterI would like to briefly introduce some of them.

This article contains spoilers for “Monster Hunter”.

A large monster, also known as a desert tyrant or grim reaperDiablos variant.. First appeared in “Monster Hunter G”. The black horned dragon that lives in the desert area is characterized by two horns and a heavy outer shell, and their hardness is difficult to damage with a half-finished weapon sharpness, so it can be easily flipped. That’s right.

And even a professional hunter can’t do it for free if he gets damaged, such as a rush attack that exposes his horns from the desert and jumps out quickly, or leaves himself to anger. In the movie version, the first and worst enemy to appear for the first time before Artemis. Do you really capture and hunt?

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