[Spoilers]The Anno people of “WandaVision” knew everything from the beginning ─ “The story is written all over the wall”

Surprising developments come in each episodeMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Drama “Wandavision“, The black curtain of the story finally reveals its existence toward the end of the story.

In the unreadable story, not to mention fans, Kat Dennings who played the main character Darcy Lewis also confessed in the middle of the story, “I do not know what is happening”, but the actor who played the mastermind Seems to have known everything from the beginning …

In this article, “WandaVisionIncludes spoilers up to the final episode. Please read after watching the main story.

There are several people who hold the key to the story in this work, which is developed in the suburbs West View. Agnes, who appears as a neighbor of Wanda and Vision, is one of them. Agnes gave a strong impression from the first episode, but as the story progressed, he showed a mysterious behavior, and in the seventh episode he finally revealed his true identity. The true figure was not the neighbor Agnes, but a witch named Agatha Harkness.

Such Agatha was played by actress Kathryn, who has gained experience mainly in the field of comedy / romance, including “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” (2003) and “Captain Fantastic” (2016). Hahn. When joining the MCU,Marvel・ It was said that he had been taught by the studio, but Hahn seemed to know the story from the beginning.

Hahn, who recently appeared on the US talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, said, “Your character has a lot of twists, but did you learn all the ideas from the beginning?” When asked by, he said “exactly”. I look back on the time when I received an explanation after casting.

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