[Spoilers]The danger of the second generation Captain America, the actor warns ─ What is the fate of the final episode of “Falcon & Winter Soldier”?

Marvel·DramaFalcon & Winter SoldierThencaptain America/ Steve Rogers’ shield and inheritance of responsibilityFalcon/ With Sam WilsonWinter SoldierBucky・ Burns drama is drawn, but it will be another leading roleJohn WalkerThat’s right. Walker from the military is nominated as the second Captain America by the government for his high physical strength and achievements. However, the sense of responsibility that is too great is a disaster, and “breaks” are gradually being seen in the play ….

This article contains spoilers up to the fifth episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

Walker, who secretly robbed one of the superhuman serums from the Flag Smasher, seems to have ingested it himself, and in the play he will dramatically improve his physical ability. In episode 4, he loses his buddy Remer in a battle with the Flag Smashers, and the angry Walker murders one of the Flag Smashers in public.

In the following episode 5, Sam and Bucky fight Walker together and finally recover the shield. After that, Walker was deprived of his title and authority as Captain America after a court martial, and was disgraced.

“Falcon & Winter Soldier”, which is drawn on a scale similar to that of a movie, has just left the final story (as of this article). In the mid-credits scene of episode 5, Walker is casting a new shield himself, which is a disturbing atmosphere. Wyatt Russell, who plays, also warns of the dangers of the current Walker in Esquire.

“The only family he knows is the American Army. He thought, fought, and loved for the army, but now it’s been robbed. It was being used. He was also being used. I’m not convinced that it was. Now everyone is turning their backs on him. It’s very dangerous to do this, because now his body has superhuman serum. “

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