[Spoilers]The final episode of “WandaVision”, why the whereabouts of the Anno people were not drawn

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama “WandavisionClosed the curtain. In the final episode, before the story was completed, Vision fought a spectacular battle with a certain person.This time, I acted as the script for this workJac SchaefferHowever, he talks about the reason why the subsequent whereabouts of a certain person were not drawn.

This article contains spoilers for “WandaVision”. Please read after watching the main story.

Vision was supposed to have died in “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018), but has been revived in “WandaVision”. Although he couldn’t remember the past, he lived a happy life with Wanda, but as the story progressed, he began to notice something unusual. In the final episode, he learned about Wanda’s thoughts and responded to attacks from Agatha Harkness and SWORD in order to protect his family while having mixed feelings.

Under such circumstances, the other person who became the partner of the vision was another self.White visionMet. After a fierce battle, White Vision accesses the forbidden data and restores the memory so far. Then he flew away, saying, “I’m a vision.” However, in the main story, the whereabouts after that are not drawn at all. After the White Vision, it was left to the imagination of the audience, but apparently there was a reason why it was not drawn.

Jac Schaeffer, who was interviewed by Cinema Blend in the US, said, “Because White Vision is not a Wanda man.“. “I’m not the man who gave her and the child. I’m not the man I was with in the sitcom world. I’m not the man who said goodbye on the hills of Wakanda. It’s just the body and the data.”

Schaefer goes on to explain how it was right for the character’s characteristics to give White Vision a memory and make it a de facto resurrection.

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