[Spoilers]What is the relationship between the forbidden books that appeared in “WandaVision”, “Agents of Shield” and “Runaways”?

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesWandavisionIs comingDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness(原題:Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)』A key item that seems to lead to has appeared.A spellbook called “Forbidden Book” in the playDarkholdIs.

However, “WandaVision” is not the first time Darkhold has appeared on the MCU. in the past”Agents of Shield“Marvel RunawaysPlayed a big role in. So, is the darkhold of “WandaVision” the same as the spellbooks that appeared in both works? The production team has revealed the secret.

This article contains spoilers up to the final episode of “WandaVision”.

The one who held the darkhold in “WandaVision” was Agatha Harkness (Kathrin Hahn), a witch who was disguised as a neighbor of Wanda Maximoff.Agatha calls Darkhold a “book of forbidden”, and in one chapter of it, he manipulates “chaos magic” that can create “yes” from “nothing”.Scarlet witchSaid that the existence of was recorded. “Scarlet witches are created, not born. They have no companions and can use their power without casting spells. Their power exceeds that of the” Supreme Wizard. “

However, the role of Darkhold shown in “Agents of Shield” was greater than that of “WandaVision”. Scientist Holden Radcliffe and Android Ada used it to create a virtual reality “framework” after several people fought for Darkhold, and Ada also acquired the human body. It was used. After that, Darkhold fell into the hands of Ghost Riders and was taken back to hell, where it should be. On the other hand, in “The Runaways”, female magician Morgan le Fay appears as the owner of Darkhold.

The biggest mystery at the moment is whether these darkholds are all the same or not.That’s right. The Darkhold of “Agents of Shield” and “Marvel Runaways” has a simple design and a neat book, and the title is engraved on the cover. On the other hand, the darkhold of “WandaVision” is shabby, and its design is completely different.

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