[Spoilers]What role does “Avengers” play in “Nomadland” ─ Director Chloe Zhao reveals

Chloe Zhao’s latest film “The Rider” (2017)NomadlandIs open to the public. In this work, which depicts elderly nomads (= nomads) who have been eliminated from the economic system against the backdrop of the Lehman shock that occurred in 2008, in order to highlight the reality of the story.Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) works “the Avengers]Seems to play a big role. Director Jao has revealed the true intention.

This article contains spoilers for Nomadland.

The main character of “Nomadland” is Fern, a woman in her 60s who has lost her place to live after being expelled from the company town where she lived for many years. Pack a minimum amount of luggage and memories in a camper named “Vanguard” and go on a wandering trip.

Fern, who has changed jobs and continued to borrow, is informed of the existence of a community where nomads gather from Amazon’s part-timers, and will be placed in an environment surrounded by nomads with the same circumstances. In the play, the life of Ferns, who are isolated from the economic system, appears in contrast to this simple and frugal life.MarvelFern walks in front of the movie theater where the movie “Avengers” (2012) is shown.

Although this depiction does not have a significant impact on Fern’s personality, according to Jao, this slight depiction has a role to play in adding depth to the worldview of Nomadland.RiceFandangoIn an interview with Jao, “I was trying to add something that represents this era from the latter half of 2011 to the beginning of 2012,” said Jao, who revealed the intention of this scene as follows. ..

“When I wondered what was the most hit movie (around this time), it was The Avengers. It was a time when I was beginning to be fascinated by the MCU. Not only that.This also shows how far Fern is from our familiar life.

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