“Star Wars Day” 2021 Limited T-shirts 5 types are available for pre-order

This year (2021)Star Warss DayYou don’t have to have a Jedi or Sith robe or a resistance pilot’s jumpsuit. For this year’s only T-shirts, which have begun to be booked at shopDisney, if you order by 23:59 on Saturday, March 20, you will not only get a 10% OFF coupon, but also Star Wars It will arrive by May 4th (Tuesday / holiday). Check out all 5 designs.

White 1 type サイズ: 130cm/M/L/XL

Black 1 size: M / L / XL

White 1 type サイズ: M/L/XL

White 1 type サイズ: M/L/XL

White 1 type サイズ: M/L/XL

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