“Star Wars” Ray role Daisy Ridley, motivated to play female version Spider-Man

Star WarsPlayed the role of Ray in the trilogyDaisy RidleyBut,MarvelI’m hoping to appear in a movie.What Daisy wants to play is “Women’s Edition”SpidermanIsSpider womanIt is. USA Today writer Sarria Wilson reports on Twitter about her interview with Daisy.

From an endlessly unknown actress, she was selected as a world-class star in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015). Actress Daisy Ridley has graduated from the role of Ray with “Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker” (2019) and has no plans to return to the series at this time. After that, Daisy is already planning to appear in several new movies, but he seems to be eager to participate in the blockbuster series again.

According to Sarria, Daisy was asked to be interested in the movie version of Spider-Woman (title undecided).“Spider-Woman, I want to do it. Is it like an expanded version of’Spider-Verse’?”I heard that he asked back. After all, Daisy is a big fan of the animated movie Spider-Man: Spider-Birth (2018) and is currently enjoying the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) drama series WandaVision (2021). .. He says he is “of course” willing to participate in a series like the Marvel movie.

The first report of the movie version of “Spider Woman” was reported in August 2020, and Olivia Wilde of “Booksmart Graduation Eve Party Debut” (2019) was directed by Olivia Wilde, who wrote the script. Katie Silberman has been appointed. Produced by Sony Pictures and produced by Amy Pascal of the “Spider-Man” series. It has been whispered that it may be related to the MCU like the “Spider-Man” series starring Tom Holland, but the details of the work have not been revealed at this time.

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