“Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker” Daisy Ridley as Ray, the steps after graduation “I felt mourning” ─ “I’m always ready” for the replay

Star Wars』 I made a name for myself in the sequel trilogyDaisy Ridley。『Star Wars: The Force Awakens』(2015) to the final version of Saga”Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker』(2019), the hero who inherited the will of the predecessor for about 5 yearsRayI ran through the role at once.

It has been one year and about two months since the completion of Skywalker Saga (as of this article). For Daisy, it seems that he was often driven by anxiety about the future, perhaps because it was a work with a strong feeling that changed his career as an actress. In an interview with Who What Wear in the US, Daisy looks back on the days he spent after graduating from the role of Ray.

Daisy said that he had been spending a sleepless night thinking of what happened after the series was completed, from the time of the promotion before the release of “Skywalker’s Dawn”. “I was wondering what to do from now on“Daisy looks back on those days.

Daisy played a major role in the release of “Skywalker’s Dawn” in December 2019. There may have been some relief, but he spent a month in January 2021 feeling tears and loneliness. “I think I was feeling something like mourning. The relationship and time up to that point have ended.I felt like I was emotionally letting go of something.」。

Daisy made a big break in her career and started to take a new path as an actress, but it seems that her steps after that were not straightforward. Daisy revealed in August 2020 that he was frustrated because he couldn’t find a job after the release of “The Dawn of Skywalker.” It is unavoidable that the image of “Ray of” Star Wars “” will be fixed if it plays such a big role. Daisy himself also said that the offer did not come, “” Dangerous! He said, “There was a time,” but he changed his mind, “I wonder if the time will come.”

Daisy looks back on the days on a regular basis, but now he’s trying to spend a busy time again.The next work will be released in the US in March 2021SFAction “Chaos Walking (original title: Chaos Walking)”. In addition, he will appear in the movie adaptation of the best-selling novel “Women In The Castle” and the psychological thriller novel “The Marsh King’s Daughter” by the production team of “The Revenant: The Revenant” (2015). I have decided. In addition, Disney + (DisneyPlus) He is in a sought-after state, such as negotiating appearances in the distribution movie “Young Woman and the Sea (original title)”.

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