Started with Netflix, the new spy drama of the original author of “Kingsman” ─ BONES production “Super Crux” will be delivered in 2021

Kingsman』Series original author Mark Millar,NetflixIs launching a new spy dramaI understood it. It has been reported that multiple projects are underway at the same time, including the drama “The Magic Order,” which was once reported to be frozen.

According to the announcement of Netflix and Miller, the new spy drama (title undecided) is a series of 6 episodes. For Miller, it’s the “spy thing” since the “Kingsman” series, but it’s a work with a very different taste. “It may be the biggest series in history for me. I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope everyone will look forward to it,” he said. The script is written by Miller, who has been a big fan for 20 years and is the only person who has been consulted for this work. Look forward to the official announcement.

Also, Mirror & Netflix,Announced that the animation series of “Super Crux” will be distributed within 2021.. One episode 30 minutes, 13 episodes in total, “Robbery action by 8 supervillains”, animation production is in charge of BONES (Bonds) such as “Godzilla SP ” (2021). The first footage will be released at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June 2021.

Drama series that will finally start distribution“Jupiters Legacy”Including, Netflix works based on Miller are expected to be further enhanced in the future. It was unavoidably announced that the project would be frozen in 2020.“The Magic Order”After a short break, the project was restarted, and soon a new screenwriter team was formed. According to Miller, “By taking some time, I was able to return to the original from a new perspective.” In the past, it was reported that James Wan of “Saw” and “The Conjuring Universe” series, “Aquaman” (2018), and Lindsey Beer of “Chaos Walking (original title)” will be executive producers, but the current situation is I’m not sure. The original comic published in 2018 will continue, and Vol.2 will be published in October 2021 and Vol.3 will be published shortly thereafter.

Other ongoing projects are directed by Chris McKay in The Lego (R) Batman The Movie (2017).“Reborn”By Matthew & Ryan Farpo, screenwriters of the Marvel movie The Eternals (2021)“Prodigy”Besides, the movie“Empress” “Huck” “Sharkey The Bounty Hunter”,Drama“American Jesus”There is.

Source: Netflix

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