Steve Rogers’ current “Falcon & Winter Soldier” writer also “can’t tell”

Avengers / EndgameWhere did Steve Rogers go after (2019)?。“captain AmericaThe drama series “Absence”Falcon & Winter SoldierMalcolm Spellman, who was the scriptwriter and executive producer of (2021), himselfMarvel・ It was revealed that the studio did not tell the truth.

In this article, “the Avengers/ Endgame ”refers to the contents of“ Falcon & Winter Soldier ”.

After fighting Thanos in The Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers goes back to the past, returns Infinity Stone where it should be, and then his own life in the past world (perhaps a forked world). I took the choice of walking. Captain America’s shield was entrusted to Sam Wilson by Steve, who returned in old age. This was the starting point of the story “Falcon & Winter Soldier”.

There is no clear word in the play about what happened to Steve afterwards. There is a line that says “Steve is gone.”, Which means Steve’s death, Steve’s return to a divergent world, or a simple retirement. Can also be interpreted. In the play, the theory that “I am at the secret base of the moon” is said, but this is just like an urban legend.

After the end of the series, producer Nate Moore also said, “Steve Rogers is gone” in the second “Behind the Falcon & Winter Soldier” of the documentary series “Marvel Studios Assemble” distributed on Disney +. is gone.) ” Steve’s “afterwards” is intentionally obscured.

Malcolm Spellman, the scriptwriter and executive producer, was also interviewed by Inverse.“To be honest, Marvel doesn’t tell me what happened to Steve.”I admit. “I didn’t know, so I could write (screenplay) as I wanted. What if I was on the moon? I couldn’t tell you, so that’s possible.” By the way, when asked about Steve’s whereabouts, director Kari Skogland confused, “Do you think it’s not on the moon? I heard that.”

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