“Stranger Things” Duffer Brothers, Spielberg and Netflix New Tag Team ─ Stephen King’s Dark Fantasy Visualization

Up-and-coming creator brothers who were in the limelight in “Stranger Things Unknown World” (2016-)Matt & Ross DufferBut the masterStephen SpillbergIt turns out that he will team up with the director.HorrorBy novel masters Stephen King and Peter StraubFantasyChallenge the visualization project of the novel “Talisman” (1984, published by Shincho Bunko). The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline report.

“The Talisman” is a dark fantasy that King collaborated with the American writer Peter Straub, who is known for his “Blue Rose” trilogy. The story is about a 12-year-old boy, Jack Sawyer, embarking on a journey to a parallel world looking for a crystal called “Talisman” to save his mother who suffered from cancer. In 2001, a new chapter of the main character Jack, “Black House” (published by Shincho Bunko) was published.

This work is the same as the masterpiece “Stranger Things” of the Duffer brothers.NetflixProduced as an original series. The Duffer brothers were executive producers, and Curtis Gwin of “Stranger Things” was appointed as the scriptwriter and showrunner. Spielberg and the original author King participated as executive producers as a team to solidify the armpits. Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Paramount Television Studios will co-produce.

The Duffer brothers are currently in the midst of making “Stranger Things” Season 4. The series is a tribute to the classic movies and dramas of the 1980s, but since this work is a visualization of a work born in the 1980s, the skills of the Duffer brothers are expected. It will also attract attention as a streaming work by Spielberg, who has created numerous film experiences.

Source: THR,Deadline

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