“Stranger Things” Season 4, a mysterious video released ─ “Eleven, are you listening?”

NetflixOriginal series “Stranger Things Unknown world(2016-) From Season 4, “Eleven, are you listeningA mysterious video titled “has been released.

“Stranger Things” tells a story of the mysteries that occur one after another in Hawkins, the ferocious monsters that appear, and the large-scale conspiracy behind them. The stage of the released video is seen as the Hawkins Institute. The era is eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) And other children are being given special experiments and training from the government. What the kids call “daddy” is probably Dr. Brenner. Season 4 may detail the unknown background of Eleven’s escape from the Hawkins Institute.

At this point, the story is likely to return to its origin at once. No, it can be said that the series is about to reach its climax. Although only “002/004” is written in the YouTube summary column, the teaser video “From Russia with Love …” released in February 2020 was said to be “001/004”. , Considered to be the number of the teaser video.

By the way, Season 4, which is said to be the darkest in history, the scariest in history, and the most adult-oriented in history, started in February 2020, but was interrupted in mid-March due to the influence of Corona. After a suspension period of more than half a year, it resumed in October, but according to Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, the end time is still uncertain due to the influence of Corona.The delivery time remains unknown, but the role of MikeFinn WolfhardEarlier, “I think it will be delivered by the end of next year (2022).”

Netflix original series “Stranger Things Unknown World” is being exclusively distributed.

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