“Superman” black reboot version has its own route, there is a possibility that it will be set in the 20th century ─ Policy to appoint a black director

“BlackSupermanWarner Bros. Pictures, the first live-action movieDC ComicsNew information on the rebooted version of “Superman” (title undecided) has jumped in. At the moment, the project is being promoted on its own route instead of the DC movie universe, and it is said that a black director is scheduled to be appointed. The Hollywood Reporter reported.

The “Superman” reboot project was announced in February 2021 and was produced by “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”.JJ Abrams, Screenplay by writer & journalistTanahashi CoatsIs in charge. Known for bestsellers such as “Between the World and Me” (Keio University Press), Tanahashi is planning a story of Superman who is faithful to comics.

According to media reports, this Superman movie does not belong to the DC movie universe and is being planned on its own route.The story of Cal-El coming to Earth from Krypton, and the option of setting it in the 20th century is also being considered.That is. The script by Tanahashi will be completed in mid-December 2021. How will the up-and-coming writer, who was the writer of “Black Panther” and “Captain America” ​​in Marvel Comics in the past, redraw the origin of Superman?

The director has not been decided at this time,Producer JJ Abrams has no plans to double as director, and Warner / DC is in the process of meeting with a black director... Although the process is in its infancy, candidates include Steven Caple Jr. from Creed II (2018), JD Dillard from Infinite (2016), and One Night in Miami (2020). Regina King, Shaka King of “Judas and the Black Messiah (original title)” and others are mentioned. These candidates overlap with Marvel Studios’ Blade, and it is reported that some have already met with both Marvel & DC.

The cast for the role of Superman has not been decided, but according to the media, “a relatively low-profile actor may play.” Michael B. Jordan of “Black Panther” (2018), who had been eager to take office for a long time, commented that he “does not know concretely” about this project the other day. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he was delighted with the participation of his ally, Tanahashi, and said, “I’m honored to be added to the topic (in the form of appearing), but I’m just watching.” ..

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