“Superman” reboot version movie started, produced by JJ Abrams ─ “Black Superman” appearance policy

Warner Brothers /DC ComicsBut the movie version “Superman』Started a reboot project for the seriesI understood it. Following the first report of the US Shadow and Act, Deadline and others have reported.

According to media reports, the producers are the Star Wars and Star Trek series.JJ Abrams..As a screenwriter, he was a writer for “Black Panther” and “Captain America” ​​in Marvel Comics.Tanahashi CoatsWas appointed. He is a top-class writer and journalist in the United States who wrote the best-selling work “Between the World and Me” (Keio University Press) and was a candidate for the Pulitzer Prize.

According to media reports, the reboot version of “Superman” is in the early stages, and the shooting and release date is undecided. The production was done by Bad Robot Productions led by JJ, and Hannah Minguera of the company was also appointed as the producer, but casting of the role of Superman / Cal El has not started and the director has not been decided at this time. ..

According to Borys Kit, a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter, Warner is in the film.“Black Superman”It is said that he intends to make it appear. It was previously reported that JJ, who was recently appointed as a producer, had met with Warner in 2019 for the new Superman movie. At that time, it was said that Superman’s new idea was proposed to Warner by actor Michael B. Jordan of the “Creed” series and “Black Panther” (2018). After this report, there is a growing demand for Michael to take on the role of Superman.

“We are honored to be invited to the DC Film Universe and look forward to adding a meaningful page to the history of America’s most iconic and mythical heroes,” said Tanahashi. JJ is“It’s a new, powerful and inspiring Superman story that hasn’t been told yet.”“I am confident that the Tanahashi version of’Superman’will make the Man of Steel (= Superman) look new and exciting,” said Toby Emmerich, chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures. Made a statement.

Sources: Shadow and Act, Boris Kit, Deadline, Variety

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