Survival action “Rogue” starring Megan Fox to be released ─ Confronting a flock of terrorists and lions

“Transformers” “Mutant Turtles” seriesMegan FoxSurvival to give in the leadactionThe topical work “Rogue (original title)” that breaks new ground inRogueIt was decided that the Japanese title will be released in Japan from May 7, 2021. At the same time, poster visuals have arrived.

Sam (Megan Fox), a strong leader who leads a mercenary unit with a habit. They land in a dangerous zone in Africa to rescue the kidnapped politician’s beloved daughter, but the mission fails due to the fierce counterattack of terrorists and they are left behind in the vast land. The troops fled to the ruins for their lives, which was once the breeding ground for lions as a base for poachers. For the time being, everyone is relieved and rests in a building without enemy shadows, but the angry beast is aiming at the prey from the shadow. With the terrorist chasers creeping in, very little ammunition was left in the unit. Can Sam and his friends survive from the hell of this world?

Megan Fox, who played the leading role, has appeared in many action movies so far, but the role of handling firearms is the first challenge in this work. Overcoming rigorous training for filming, he plays a strong mercenary who confronts the threat of death that attacks one after another.

The director was a big topic in “Silent Hill: Liberation 3D” (2012), and also directed the drama series “Ash vs Evil Dead Returns” (2015-2018), which was highly acclaimed. Ability groupMichael J. Bassett.. In addition to appointing former military personnel as some performers in this work, by taking advantage of the experience of being trained by special forces, he gives a certain convincing power to the thrilling story and battle depiction.

The movie “Rogue” will be released on May 7, 2021 (Friday) at Shinjuku Wald 9 and others. National road show.

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