“TENET” John David Washington, “Rogue One” Gareth Edwards director and first tag

“TENET” (2020)John David WashingtonBut,”Rogue One / Star Wars Story』(2016)Gareth EdwardsNext work by the director“True Love”It turned out to appear in. The US Deadline reports.

“True Love” is a science fiction movie set in the near future, with Gareth acting as a scriptwriter, director, and producer. Produced by Kiri Hart, the producer of “Rogue One” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017), produced by “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018) and “Ad Astra” (2019). Regency is in charge.

The project of this work was reported in February 2020, and it was reported that it was scheduled to be shot in the summer of the same year, but due to the suspension of the movie industry due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the follow-up report has arrived for over a year. There wasn’t. Prior to this work, John has finished shooting “Canterbury Glass” starring Christian Bale & Margot Robbie and other gorgeous casts. Since this work was also a New Regency work, he will continue to meet John with “True Love”.

John David Washington, who got a lot of attention in “Black Clansman” (2018), made a name for himself worldwide with “TENET Tennet” directed by Christopher Nolan, and the Netflix movie “Malcolm & Marie” shot in Corona. Co-starred with Zendaya in (2021). In the future, on Netflix, the long-awaited world release of “Monster: Behind the Eyes” will be released on May 7, and the thriller movie “Beckett” co-starring with Alicia Vikander will be released. Distribution will start on August 27th.

Source: Deadline

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