“Tesla Edison’s Feared Genius” Ethan Hawke Decorates Japanese Poster at Home ─ Interview Video Released

The movie “The half-life of the genius inventor Nikola Tesla”A genius feared by Tesla EdisonWill be released nationwide from March 26, 2021.This time, the starringEthan HawkeArrived at home with a Japanese poster and an official making interview video.

This work is a story about Tesla, the main character, struggling to realize an innovative AC electric system and wireless power transmission all over the world. A feud with fellow inventors Edison and entrepreneur George Westinghouse is depicted.

In the interview footage, Ethan Hawke, dressed in costume, talks about Nikola Tesla’s portrait and its loneliness, the visual world created by Michael Almereyda, and life, science, and space. Among them, he mentioned Robin Williams about the duality of human beings, and talked about the bright side of human beings and the loneliness on the other hand. In the end, this work is not a “biographical movie”, but a work in which the director’s playfulness, the theme of the work, and the subject matter are well integrated, and it can be said that he likes this work very much.

Also from Ethan HawkeThe Japanese poster is wonderful, so please send it to your home.The request came to a Japanese distribution and advertising company. When I actually sent it, it seems that he posted it at home. “fantastic! Thank you for sending me!I have sent the comment again.

The movie “Tesla Edison’s Feared Genius” will be released nationwide from March 26, 2021 (Friday) at Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho and others.

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