The Avengers assemble ice cream cake and release at Thirty One

the AvengersHowever, it is deliciously assembled into an ice cream cake.Limited quantity of Thirty One Ice Cream from April 23, 2021 Marvel Avengers / Pallet 6 “Is here.

Marvel’s ice cream cake debuts. The Avengers-themed ice cream cake, where popular characters gather, is sure to excite Marvel fans. The world view of each hero is expressed with attention to detail.

Six pieces with the theme of the early members of The Avengers, select popular flavors that match the character, and express the world view of the Avengers with the whole cake. The heroes that appear are Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Saw, Black Widow, and Hulk. The chocolate plates and whipped cream reproduce the items and scenes that symbolize the heroes.

Let’s take a look one by one with a cross section that looks delicious. (Unfortunately, Ant-Man, who worked for Thirty One in the movie “Ant-Man,” has not joined.)

A legendary soldier who lives in justice awakened from a long sleep. The strongest shield, which can be used as both a weapon and a shield, is expressed in chocolate and whipped with stars. The flavor is also filled with star sweets, and it has an American design full of stars.

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