“The Boys” Season 3 “Darker”, Double Blood Volume ─ Mother’s Milk Preliminary

The drama “Amazon Studios” produced by Amazon Studios, which is gaining popularity all over the worldThe boysIs currently being filmed for Season 3. This time, Laz Alonso, who plays the role of Mother’s Milk, who is the main cast, made a statement from the shooting site that expectations for Season 3 will rise sharply. I say “It’s getting darker“. The amount of blood seems to increase dramatically …

Raz appeared in an interview with Collider in the US remotely from the shooting location of Toronto. Currently, it is revealed that the shooting of Season 3 is progressing “a quarter to half”. Raz, who conveyed his impressions of participating in the shooting, said that Season 3 is a “story-oriented finish rather than the previous two seasons.” With this in mind, Raz continues as follows.

“(Showrunner) Eric Kripke is challenging every seasonMaking the work darker.. With the addition of Jensen Ackles, not only did the historically dark characters join, but other soups (Superhero) And others are getting darker at the same time. “

Jensen Ackles, touched by Raz, will join Season 3 as a new cast. Plays the character of the original comic called Soldier Boy. In the original comic, a Soldier Boy who belongs to a hero team called Payback. Incompatible with the members, begging to join “Seven”. The mysterious relationship with the Homelander is also attracting attention, but in the drama version, it will be an important person who brings “darkness” to the work.

Also, what is expected of “The Boys” is the amount of blood. This work has so much blood mercilessly coming out, but Raz says that the amount of blood in Season 3 exceeds that of the previous two seasons. Raz started talking about “when I met the top art director.”

“She has one of many roles to order blood, but I talked to her. It’s up to you to believe or not.I don’t think the total amount of blood used in Season 2 is 1 gallon (1 gallon = 3.785 liters). But in Season 3, I’m already using 3.5 gallons (about 13.2 liters) by itself. You can see what it looks like with this.

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