“The Boys” Season 3 Starts Shooting ─ New Look Capturing Gold Homelander Image Released

The boysIt turns out that Season 3 filming began in Canada on February 24, 2021.The cast members are reporting.

Season 3 of this series will be produced soon before the start of Season 2 distribution. It was reported that the shooting start time will start in February 2021, and it was known that the cast members were entering the site one after another in January of the same year.

The main casts have reported the start of shooting on their Instagram. Karl Urban, who plays Butcher, said, “It’s the first day of shooting in Season 3. I’m happy to be back,” he wrote with enthusiasm in Butcher. Jack Quaid as Huey and Erin Moriarty as Starlight posted two shots on the scene, perhaps shooting the same scene at once. Antony Starr, who plays the role of homelander, also told “The Boys” fans the first day, “The blonde boy guy is back.”

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