“The Boys” Season 3, Storm Front will not reappear ─ Actress who plays, “I also want to know”

Amazon Stuidios’ popular drama “The boys(2019-), the hero who first appeared in Season 2 in Season 3There is currently no re-appearance of Storm Front.. Aya Cash who played it reveals.

In Season 2 of “The Boys,” which depicts the chaotic ecology of corrupt heroes, a new member, Storm Front, joins the hero team “Seven,” and a further chaotic story unfolds. Although it appeared as a mysterious character, as the episodes went on, the ghosts were peeled off, and the Butchers and The Boys suffered.

Stormfront left a strong impression, but according to Cash, who appeared in an interview with Entertainemnt weekly in the United States, it seems that he has not participated in the current season 3 shooting in Vancouver, “I’m not in the field right now“.

I also want to know if she will be resurrectedCash. “The contract for’The Boys’ was for one year, so what will happen?” Cash had previously been motivated to return, “returning in seconds if necessary.” Although there are no plans to appear in Season 3, he said, “I might be able to put my face in CG,” and regardless of the shape, the storm front will reappear in the play. Seems positive.

By the way, in the future of “The Boys”, which is produced under the concept of 5 seasons, it is suggested that the Ichimotsu talented love sausage and the buzz cut talented Cindy who appeared in Season 2 will reappear. A dramatic development came to the stormfront at the end of Season 2, but showrunner Eric Kripke’s testimony reveals that she is still alive, so I’m looking forward to her resurrection.

Source: EW

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