The concept of the third work of “Coming to America, Prince of the Stars” already exists ─ “It will not be realized in 16 years,” Eddie Murphy said, why

The sequel movie “Coming to America, Coming to America 2”, which has been revived for more than 30 years since “Coming to America, Coming to America” ​​(1988), has been released on Amazon Prime since March 2021.Eddie MurphyFans of yesteryear should have been thrilled by the resurrection of the main character, Akeem, who plays.It is said that the concept of the third work has already been devised.

The stage is the lush kingdom of Zamunda. In Coming 2 America, the newly crowned King Akeem and his best friend Semi will embark on a whole new and hilarious adventure from Africa to the Queens of New York.

The second work seems to be showing a good start from the start of distribution.The opening record of the first weekend of distribution regarding the number of viewers is “Wonder Woman 1984” (2020) distributed by HBO Max in the United States and Amazon’s original work “Continued”・ American tribute plan for Kazakhstan, which was a Borat glorious nation』(2020) is reported to have achieved better results.

Murphy, who appeared on the US talk show LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, has revealed the concept of a sequel to the second work. When asked, “Are you working on’Coming to America 3′?”, Murphy replied, “I have an idea for myself.” However, it seems that it will take time to realize it …

I don’t think it will happen in 16 years. I have to be 75 years old to do it. Instead of pretending to be 75, you really have to be 75.

16 years later is the year when Murphy, now 59, will turn 75. I’m wondering why I have to be 75 years old, but if this really happens, the third release will be in 2037. The second film depicts Akihito leaving for New York to welcome his unknown son to Zamunda as a crown prince, but in the third film, what is the purpose of going to the big city?

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