“The Conjuring is not guilty if it’s the devil’s fault. 』Decided to be released in the fall of 2021 ─ Subtitled trailer has arrived, the latest in the series and the scariest

The ConjuringThe long-awaited latest work of the universe “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It(原題)Is the Japanese title “The Conjuring If it’s the devil’s fault, it’s not guilty.It turned out that it will be released in Japan in the fall of 2021. At the same time, the Japanese subtitled US trailer has arrived.

Beginning with The Conjuring (2013), which was made into a movie based on an incident actually investigated by the world’s most famous psychic researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, the horror of the cursed doll Annabel causes horror. It was the day before the roots of the devil “Valak” that appeared in the drawn “Annabel” series and “The Conjuring Enfield Incident” (2016), and the cause of the “The Conjuring” and “Annabel” series was revealed. The “The Conjuring” universe has captivated movie fans all over the world so many spin-off works such as “The Nun Sister” (2018) have been produced. This is the long-awaited latest work, which is the 7th work of the mega-hit series and the 3rd work of the main story “The Conjuring Universe” series.

Produced a new line cinema for the “IT / It” and “Annabel” series. The creator of the “The Conjuring Universe” universe and numerous masterpieces such as the “Saw” and “Insidious” seriesHorrorHe is a modern horror master who worked on the movie, and nowadays he is the director of action blockbusters such as “Wild Speed ​​SKY MISSION” (2015) and “Aquaman” (2018).James WanWill be the producer. The director is Michael, a new director who took the megaphone of the first feature film in “La Yorona ~ Crying Woman ~” (2019) and made the genre of attraction horror known to the world with a masterpiece of horror experience.・ Chavez.And the main characters, Mr. and Mrs. Warren, will continue to be cast throughout the series.Patrick WilsonVera Farmiga is serving.

A little earlier, the US version of the notice was released in the home country. A man with a pale face staring at one point in a daze. His hands and clothes were dyed with somebody’s blood. “What the hell am I doing …”. This was the beginning of the unprecedented murder case “Arne Johnson Trial”, which was widely reported at the time, claiming “not guilty” because it was possessed by the devil for the first time in the case that shook the United States in 1981. .. The accused consistently claimed “not guilty.” The reason is “all because of the devil.” In the history of the series, the psychic researchers Warren and his wife started investigating to find out the truth of the most shocking case …

The trailer includes a horrifying and horrifying scene, such as a boy suddenly grabbed by a mysterious hand and a frozen spine chased by someone on all fours. Finally, Lorraine Warren is cornered to the cliff and ends with a shocking scene where someone grabs his foot and drags him down the cliff. Can the Warrens, who are absolutely desperate, prove the existence of the devil? What is the end of the shock that betrays our expectations?

In an interview, producer James Wan said, “I wanted to make the movie “Seven” (1995) in the “The Conjuring” universe“. The modern horror master who created the “Saw”, “The Conjuring Universe”, and “Annabel” series and had a great influence on other horror, saw it as a new surprise unlike the previous “The Conjuring Universe” universe. It must have prepared an experience that has never happened. The setting has also been scaled up from the cursed hall “The Conjuring”, raising expectations for the spread of the story and the ending of the shock.

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