The drama version of “John Wick” is the story of a young Winston 40 years before the movie-Keanu Reeves is not expected to appear

Keanu ReevesStarringJohn wickSeries drama project,The Continental(Original title: The Continental) “New information has been revealed.According to Kevin Beggs, who oversees the television division of Lionsgate, which handles the series, the drama isA story about a young Winston 40 years before the movie seriesIt is said that it will be.

“The Continental,” which was first reported in 2018, was found to be the day before the movie version, and to be drawn from the perspective of “another person” who is not John Wick. The information that Mr. Beggs gave at Deadline further reinforces this information.

“The Continental depicts how young Winston and his friends got into the Continental Hotel, 40 years ago when the hotel first appeared (in John Wick). I won’t say more, but Starz (produced and broadcast) is moving in this direction, and there are some great collaborators. “

The idea for “The Continental” was proposed by the team in the YouTube drama series “Wayne” (2019). Set in New York in the 1970s when the Mafia began to enter the life hygiene industry after a trash collector’s strike piled up trash, the origin of the familiar Continental Hotel is told under a very realistic setting. It will be.

Ian McShane, who has played Winston in the movie version, has previously admitted that he will not appear in “The Continental” and that he may appear in voice only. A young actor will be cast in the lead role, and McShane will have the option of narrating.According to Mr. Beggs“The Continental” Season 1 consists of 3 episodes with 90 minutes eachPreparing at. There is a possibility that it will be a limited series for only one season.

By the way, with regard to “The Continental”, attention was also focused on whether or not Keanu Reeves, who plays the role of John Wick, appeared. However, Mr. Beggs said that this work depicts 40 years before the movie.Negative attitude towards the appearance of John Wick-Keanu ReevesIs shown. “I will not rule out the possibility of (appearing), but Keanu is busy with the movies (4th and 5th).” However, Keanu is expected to be executive producer of the series, and has read all the draft scripts with Chad Stahelski.

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