“The Expendables 4” will start shooting in the fall of 2021 ─ Screenplay work is in progress, the role of Thor reveals progress

Sylvester StalloneStarring, luxuriousactionThe latest work in the “The Expendables” series, in which stars play a dream co-starThe Expendables 4(Original title: The Expendables 4) ”has arrived after a long time. Shooting is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2021.The role of Toll RoadRandy CoutureHas revealed.

The production of “The Expendables 4” was officially decided in May 2018. At this time, it was reported that the shooting time would start in early 2019, but it seems that the schedule was postponed due to production reasons. Couture, who appeared on the US YouTube program this time, said, “It seems that I will be doing the fourth work,” and told the information that he “heard recently” from the agent to which he belongs.

Currently, the script work for “The Expendables 4” is in progress, and it seems that shooting is scheduled for this fall. So I haven’t read the script yet.

While Couture speaks this way, he seems to be a little worried about whether the schedule will go as planned. “There was a discussion about the production of The Expendables 4 a few years ago, but (the project) has gone away,” he said. “It’s a weird industry, so I don’t know what will happen.”

It is expected that “The Expendables 4” will be back with all the members of the mercenary unit “The Expendables”, including Toll Road played by Couture. Stallone, who was reported not to continue throwing at one point, is also expected to continue throwing.

Source: The Jenna Ben Show

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