“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” “Chris Evans was lifting a heavier shield than I was,” said John Walker.

Marvel Cinematic UniverseDrama “Falcon & Winter SoldierThencaptain America/ The inheritance of the legacy left by Steve Rogers is a big theme. The highlight is the whereabouts of the shield that symbolizes Captain America.

Contains the contents of “Falcon & Winter Soldier”.

the AvengersIn Endgame (2019), Steve would have entrusted the shield to Falcon / Sam Wilson. However, Sam hesitates and donates a shield. In the play, John Walker, the second generation Captain America, who was born officially by the government, tries to take over the shield.

This important shield was heavier when it was owned by Steve Rogers … it’s not the pressure of responsibility, but the physical story at the time of shooting. Wyatt Russell as John Walker at the Q & A eventIt seems that the shield before this time was heavier“. “Chris EvansWas lifting a shield heavier than me」。

The art staff may have improved the shield to make it easier for the performers to handle. Of course, it’s a very welcome advance in the filming scene, but it feels ironic, as it seems to symbolize Steve Rogers and John Walker’s belief in Captain America …?

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