The fifth episode of “Falcon & Winter Soldier” will be a super important episode, and a mysterious character will also appear ─ “I want to see the co-starring with Saw” suggested by the scriptwriter

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierIt’s finally time for the final game. After the 4th episode “The Whole World is Watching”, the story is left as early as the 5th and 6th episodes. Here, I would like to pay attention to the “interesting comments” that the key persons in the series have said in the past. The upcoming episode 5 is likely to be a super important episode.

This article contains spoilers up to the fourth episode of the drama “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “In the World Watch”.

In mid-March 2021, just before the distribution of “Falcon & Winter Soldier” started, Malcolm Spellman, the scriptwriter and executive producer, told in the US, “I’m most looking forward to seeing you. To the question “What is the episode?”“By far, episode 5. It’s a realistic time that makes you cry.”Said. This work, which has faced political themes and has continued to develop realistically and severely, is about to approach the core of the story as it approaches the final stage of the game.

Malcolm has also previously suggested that a mysterious character will appear in episode 5 on Rotten Tomatoes TV. When asked about “team-up”, which can be said to be the fun of MCU“Very realistic and realistic characters will appear, so I would like to see a co-star with a world-shaking character such as Thor.”Was answered. “It’s a very unique character. It will appear in episode 5.”

Guessing about this cameo has been going on for some time among MCU fans. After Wakanda got involved in the third episode “Power Broker”, Black Panther / Ti Chara may have appeared, and Chadwick Boseman who passed away in August 2020 may have finished shooting. However, Nate Moore, executive producer, denied this at the Vanity Fair in the United States.

There is no (Chadwick appearance).If it does, I’ll be honest.. Chad’s death is a life event and I love him as much as the character. Since his presence is big for many of us, we have to be careful and ponder when it comes out. We don’t say, “Please look forward to next week, Black Panther may come out!” “

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