The final episode of “WandaVision”, that character is back ─ How points will appear

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) The drama “MCU” that marked the opening of Phase 4WandavisionIs finally completed. Many fans will grab a bite from the beginning to see what kind of development the finale of this work, which has set up various surprises, will be.

In the 9th episode, that character who surprised “WandaVision” fans will make a comeback.Act as a directorMatt ShakmanHas foretold.

This article contains spoilers for “WandaVision”.

The character that reappears in episode 9 is Wanda’s twin brother Pietro Maximov, who made a surprise appearance in the last episode of episode 5 with a “super” appearance.QuicksilverIt is. After the 5th episode, Pietro was seen enjoying Halloween costumes in the 6th episode, and the appearance was confirmed for a moment in the post-credits scene of the 7th episode.

Before the conclusion, Director Shakman, who was interviewed by Fandom in the United States, said when asked by the interviewer that Pietro would reappear, “I think there is a” strong possibility “to see Evan Peters.” Choose and answer. “I won’t say how to develop it,” he said. With such a cautious response, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Shakman not mentioning Pietro’s name and keeping it in the name of Evan Peters.

It turns out later that the Pietro that appears in the film is not strictly a Pietro, but a fake Pietro manipulated by the mastermind Agatha Harkness. West View residents manipulated in the hex have different names and different lives. Evan’s character, who was set to play the role of Pietro, may actually have a true personality. This is just a hypothesis, but the truth and how …?

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