The final season of “The Walking Dead” is “It won’t stop once it starts” ─ Develop a new genre with the final edition

Popular drama serieswalking DeadSeason 11, which is the final edition of the game, is likely to be in a state of rage as soon as it opens. Angela Kang, the scriptwriter and executive producer, revealed on TV Line.

Season 11, the finale of the series, consists of 24 episodes, the longest in history. First, from August 22, 2021, eight episodes, which is one-third of the total, will be broadcast in the United States. From February to March 2021, a story was drawn that delves into each character as an additional episode of Season 10, but Kang says Season 11 is.“Return to a wide range on a large scale again”And that.“Once it starts, it won’t stop. The first block (8 episodes) will go on with great momentum.”

For some time, the production team has suggested that Season 11 will be “the biggest in history” and “plenty of action.” This time, Kang commented, “I will try a different style from what we are used to. I hope everyone will enjoy it.” Apparently, the “Walking Dead” will show a new side even if it is about to be completed.

“There will be some new communities and every story has a unique atmosphere. Some of them may go into genres that we haven’t explored in the past. It’s the final season, but I Still wants to find something new. Of course (work) is going well. “

The drama “The Walking Dead” Season 11 will begin airing in the United States on August 22, 2021. After the first eight episodes have been broadcast, the broadcast schedule for the remaining 16 episodes will be announced later. The series is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Source: TV Line

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