The final season of “The Walking Dead” will start broadcasting in the US in August 2021 ─ 24 episodes in total, opening with “8 episodes with plenty of action”

Popular drama serieswalking DeadIt was revealed that Season 11, which will be the final edition of the game, will start broadcasting in the United States from August 22, 2021. The teaser video is available on the official US Twitter account.

“The Walking Dead” Season 11 is the longest in the history of the series and consists of 24 episodes. Season 10 has just ended in the United States on April 4, and the new series will begin in just four and a half months. However,Only eight episodes, which is one-third of the total, will be broadcast first.The remaining 16 episodes will be broadcast later, and the series will be completed in 2022.

The released video is composed of two men’s interaction while the devastated landscape is projected. “Why are you here?” “On a journey with friends” “Do you really think you are an honest person?” “Yes” “What about vaccination?” “Let’s say the date” “What do parents want to live?” “Well, dad and mom?” “Are there any friends in this area?” “No” “If considered a threat, it will be subject to reprocessing” “What is reprocessing?” “If it’s not a threat, don’t worry.”

Writer / Executive Producer Angela Kang revealed that the additional episodes of Season 10 focused on the characters, while Season 11 was “the biggest in history.” “manyzombie“And action, a fascinating story, an unprecedented place” appeared, “people unite for the first time in a certain community”. Scott M. Gimple, who oversees the series, also said, “The final season will start with eight episodes with plenty of action,” suggesting that it will be a large-scale final edition.

Season 11 of the drama “The Walking Dead” will begin airing in the United States on August 22, 2021.

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