“THE FLASH” Grant Gustin to star in the second drama ─ A true story about a bond with a protected dog

Known for the role of Barry Allen / Flash in the DC drama “THE FLASH” (2014-)Grant GustinBut,NetflixNew true story drama “Rescued by Ruby (original title)It turned out to be the leading role in. The Hollywood Reporter reports.

This work is a true story drama that depicts the bond between a state police officer Dan (Gastin) and a protected dog. Dan dreams of becoming a member of the search and rescue dog team K-9 search, but hasn’t been able to seize the opportunity. At that time, I met a protected dog called Ruby. Dan, who builds an unwavering bond with Ruby, faces the greatest challenges.

It is Katt Shea Ruben who takes the megaphone, such as “Nancy Drew and the Secret Stairs” (2019). Karen Janszen of the “Duma” (2005) “Dolphin Tale” series writes a script based on the true story short stories “Ruby: A Dogwink Story” and “Dogwink Ruby”. Dan Angel, such as “Body Bags” (1993) and “Gift Hands: The Miracle” (2009), has been appointed to the production. Delivery is Netflix.

This is the second time that Gastin will star in “THE FLASH”. It will be a new challenge for Gastin, who has played the role of flash for a long time.

Source: THR

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