“The Gentlemen” too rapid opening video released ─ Matthew McConaughey & Charlie Hunnam and other gorgeous co-stars, Guy Ritchie’s return to origin

Matthew McConaugheyCharlie HunnamHenry GoldingMichelle DockeryColin FarrellHugh GrandGorgeous co-starringGuy RitchieOrigin return work by the director “GentlemenWill be released nationwide from May 7, 2021 (Friday). This time, a new poster visual and opening video have arrived.

Her Majesty’s country, England, London, the city of gentlemen. An emergency broke out in the London Underworld. Rumor has it that Mickey (Matthew McConaughey), the marijuana king who built the cannabis kingdom in his first generation, will sell all of the cannabis business, which is said to cost 50 billion yen, and retire. After hearing the rumors, the greedy Jewish millionaire, the editor-in-chief of the gossip, the guess private detective, the Chinese mafia, the Russian mafia, and the downtown teamers changed their eyes. Warriors with gentlemen’s faces will engage in dirty and thrilling bargaining over the interest of 50 billion yen, behind the scenes.

The opening video begins with Mickey ordering beer and pickled eggs at a London pub, dropping coins into a jukebox, and playing the opening theme. “The king of the jungle must be a real king, not just a superficial behaviour,” he said after showing the dignity of king marijuana. It was Mickey who gave a meaningful line.

When I call my wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) for a date appointment, I find something strange. Immediately after that, the gunshots rang and the beer glass was dyed red. While showing a rapid development from the beginning, the scene changes to the opening movie as it is, the music flowing from the jukebox, and the characters of the habits disappear like smoke as if to smell the conflict of interest in the marijuana business. Then, it will appear one after another.

The new poster visuals that have been released are the evils that flock to their interests, including Matthew McConaughey, who dressed as King Marijuana, who controls a big business of 50 billion yen, as the characters boldly arranged as “first-class people” tell. Are gathered together. Charlie Hunnam, who looks like a businessman wearing glasses and a suit, and Hugh Grant, who has a restless reddish-brown glasses lens on a leather jacket. In addition, Colin Farrell, who wears a checkered truck suit and a hat, has a quirky appearance.

Besides, Guy Ritchie’s fashionable and traditional tailoring in England is not only cut out with the plot and wisdom of Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong and Eddie Marsan. A glimpse of the director’s commitment to costumes. Who is the last person to laugh at the splendid deception of top-notch evils who have both habits and habits …?

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