The Hollywood version of “Hello Kitty” is a hybrid of live-action and anime ─ Directed by “Harley Quinn” and a combination of Disney Toshihide

Hello KittyThe first Sanrio character includingHollywoodThe movie (title undecided)Live-action & anime hybrid workIt turned out to be.

This time, supervised by DC animation “Harley Quinn (original title)”Jennifer Coil, “Moana and the Legendary Sea” (2017), a short film “Inner Workings” (2017)Hiro MatsudaIs appointed as a director. Sanrio Co., Ltd. and Warner Brothers Japan GK have announced.

In addition to directing the blockbuster anime “Bob’s Burgers”, Coil has participated in “Spectacular Spider-Man” in the past. In addition, Mazda has been involved in Walt Disney Animation’s “Big Hero 6” (2014), “Zootopia” (2016), “Sugar Rush: Online” (2018), etc., and “Inner Workings” is the final selection of the US Academy Awards. Has been selected for. In addition, it is said that this work will be the first feature-length director’s work for them.

At the time of the announcement, Director Coil said, “I am very pleased to have been appointed as a director with Mr. Mazda.It is also a valuable opportunity to breathe into popular characters and spread the message of love, friendship and symbiosis represented by Hello Kitty... The world really needs the joy and happiness that only Kitty can offer, “he said. Director Mazda also said, “As a Japanese-Brazilian, I was taught the importance of individuality by being surrounded by playful Hello Kitty from a young age.[Omitted]I was blessed with the opportunity to be involved with characters that are loved around the world, and the story of Sanrio characters I am happy to be able to further develop this. “

Hello Kitty
PHOTO: Andrew Marlin
Hello Kitty
PHOTO: Peter Lefevre Photography

The Hollywood movie version of “Hello Kitty” is being planned by Warner Bros. Pictures Entertainment Group’s New Line Cinema and producer Beau Flynn’s Flynn Picture, and the script is “Sierra Burgess is a Loser.” 』(2018) Lindsey Beer is in charge. The executive producer will be the female scriptwriter team “Know Universe” to which Lindsey belongs.

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