The Knives Out sequel, the Slonby clan will not reappear ─ “Lansom goes into the knit sweater business” cast reports “afterwards”

2019 mystery movie with gorgeous casts such as Daniel CraigKnives Out / The Secret of the Detective and the Blade HouseThe sequel project is underway. Netflix has acquired distribution rights for the second and third films at an unusually high price, and it is reported that shooting will begin in June 2021.

In this sequel,The Slonby family, which was the setting for the first film, will not appearIt seems. Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Linda Drysdale, reports on Instagram.

The first film depicts the mystery of a suspicious death in a clan’s mansion built by novelist Harlan Slomby. The Slonby clan is full of musicians and fights for inheritance. With a character design that makes everyone look suspicious, “Knives Out” had the charm of Agatha Christie’s work.

Curtis explained on Instagram, “I’ll keep the rumors clear, but the therapists tell us that the Thromby family is receiving family counseling and stay away from Benoit Blanc.” I don’t know if this is its own humor, but Curtis continues to report on the clan’s status.

Everything says, “Linda is fine because she kicked her husband in a loafer. I’m sorry Don Johnson in the payment box.” Curtis says, “Everyone else is doing their best.” Ransom, played by Chris Evans, is said to be “in the business of knit sweaters,” and Toni Collette’s Joni is making a “bath bomb that smells like a dick.” (Is it a parody of Gwyneth Paltrow?) .. Walter, played by Michael Shannon, is said to have published his memoirs.

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