“The Last of Us” drama version, Season 1 draws mainly on the first work ─ Even episodes that deviate from the original

Pedro Pascal& Bella Ramsey co-starring, survivalactiongameThe Last of UsIt seems that the production of the drama series project is steadily underway. The specific story of the drama version has not been revealed so far, but this time, interesting information has arrived.

In an interview with IGNNeil DruckmannAppeared. He is the creative director of the “The Last of Us” series, and is the person who is involved as the scriptwriter and executive producer in the drama version.According to Dragman, in Season 1, the content is based on the first workIs drawnIt is said that.

It’s not the superficial thing of faithfully drawing the character’s visuals, but “Philosophical foundation of the storyIt seems that it means to catch “correctly.”

“Do the characters need to wear checkered shirts, red shirts, or the same thing (as in the game)? They may or may not appear in that form. What kind of person are they? And compared to capturing the heart of their journeyThey are not that important to us.

However, according to Dragman, there seems to be a development different from the game in the drama.

“In the game, we have to prepare a development that teaches the player how to operate weapons and tools. On the other hand, in the drama, we don’t need to explain how to use the gun, so we need to prepare violence and spectacular moments. The HBO side has encouraged us to focus more on the character’s drama rather than the hardcore action.Some of my favorite episodes deviate significantly from the story.

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