“The Last of Us Part II” How about the possibility of adding DLC ​​and multiplayer mode ─ Is there hope for multiplayer?

The definitive version of the survival action game “The Last of UsThe sequel to “The Last of Us Part IIIs still very popular more than half a year after it was released in June 2020, but what many players are probably interested in isDownload contentsOrMultiplayer modeWill be added or not.

In the first place, the reason why expectations are rising for the addition of download content and multiplayer mode is that the previous work “The Last of Us” has a track record of being actually added after its release. As download content, “Left Behind”, which depicts the story before Joel and Erie met, has been produced, and as a multiplayer mode, it can be divided into 4 to 4 battles. Has been added.

However, regarding downloadable content, as of June 2020, Neil Druckmann, the creative director of the “The Last of Us” series, said, “There is no such plan this timeI was denying. Although there have been updates for various additional features such as the highest difficulty level “GROUND”, the current situation is that nothing that follows the new story that players are looking for has been added.

Regarding the multiplayer mode, Dragman declined to answer at that time. Since then, there has been no sound, so it seems unlikely that this is the case either, but this time a ray of light has come into view.That’s because the production company “Naughty Dog” led by Dragman is an “economy designer (for multiplayer)”.The job information was released. The application guidelines include “We are looking for a passionate multiplayer economy designer who can keep our game going for a long time and give players great rewards for their efforts.It is written.

Information about the title of the game is hidden,MeterGamesRadar + HakoI expect this to be a job offer for multiplayer in “The Last of Us Part II”. On the other hand, at Game Spot in the US, it is reported that there is a possibility that it is a single work dedicated to the multiplayer mode of the previous work “The Last of Us”. Of course, it could be a completely different piece, but in any case, Naughty Dog has some sort of multiplayer work in place.

Source: Naughty Dog , GamesRadar+ , Game Spot

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