“The Last of Us” PS5 version remake project in progress, rumors of new “Uncharted” ─ US coverage is a hot topic on SNS

Survival actiongameMasterpiece,The Last of Us』PlayStation 5 version remake project may be in progressAs a result, it is attracting attention in various countries around the world such as the United States.

“The Last of Us” was released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title in June 2013, and a remastered version of PlayStation 4 was released in 2014. According to a report by Bloomberg, Sony has entrusted the rights to remake the PS5 version to Naughty Dog, the production company of “The Last of Us.” Initially, the Visual Arts Service Group division, which launched a new project within Sony, started with the aim of expanding the popular series, but after the completion of the sequel “The Last of Us Part II”, Sony became a subsidiary of Naughty Dogs. It is said that it has decided to entrust the development.

Initially, the Visual Arts Service Group was released by Naughty Dog in 2007 as a PS3 exclusive title.Uncharted I considered remaking “El Dorado’s Hallows”, but gave up on the budget and workload. Instead, a remake project for “The Last of Us” has started. In March 2021, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann admitted that he was preparing multiple projects.However,This report just tells Sony that it has entrusted the rights to the development company, and it is unknown whether the PS5 remake version of “The Last of Us” is actually working.

Bloomberg has given some other interesting information, and it seems that the sequel to the PS4 survival action game “Days Gone” has been abandoned. The previous work made a profit, but it is said that the sequel was not realized due to the division of evaluation and the long development period. “I can’t affirm or deny anything,” said Jeff Ross, director of Bend Studio, who was responsible for the development, after the press.

After the sequel to “Days Gone” was abandonedDevelopment team appointed to support Naughty Dog for new UnchartedIt is reported that. However, some Bend Studio staff members have left their jobs without participating in this and are producing their own new works. In other words, the development team for “Days Gone” has been split into two.

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