The latest work of “The Conjuring” opens a new chapter, the largest in the history of the series & the darkest in the history ─ “Fundamentally different from the past”

James WanMake “The Conjuring]The series is back for the first time in 5 years. The latest work following “The Conjuring” (2013) and “The Conjuring Enfield Incident” (2016)“The Conjuring is not guilty if it’s the devil’s fault. 』Is a story based on a real “devil trial”, as the subtitle of the original title “The Devil Made Me Do It” shows.

The director will replace James Wan, who worked on the previous two works, as a newcomer to the spin-off work “La Yorona-Crying Woman” (2019).Michael chaves..In the US IGN, this work“The biggest movie in the history of The Conjuring”And already“The darkest” The Conjuring “in history”It was revealed that it has been evaluated as.

The story was based on the 1981 murder of Arne Johnson, the landlord, Alan Bono. Johnson claims that the suspect was possessed by the devil at the time of the crime. The devil, who was once possessed by the 11-year-old boy David Gratzell, possesses Johnson and says, “The Devil Made Me Do It.” This time, the psychic couple Lorraine & Ed Warren will challenge the first devil trial in American history.

The previous two works were “ghost house things”, but this work is the first court drama and a story depicting an actual murder case. The director says, “I draw a really scary subject. It’s a real-life incident, and there are actually victims.”“The Warrens are entering an unknown territory. As a fan of the series, I was really worried about breaking promises and traditions, but taking advantage of the horror of The Conjuring and the relationship between the Warrens. At the same time, I think we have taken a fresh and interesting direction. “

AnnabelDolls and Sister ValacHorror-The “The Conjuring” universe that has given birth to monsters, but this time it is different from the conventional one due to the fearful approach. What James Wan and Warner Bros. wanted was a completely different “The Conjuring”.

“We see this work as the beginning of a new decade for the Warrens.A new chapter with new themes and ideas that will take them to an unprecedented place.The enemy is not like a new symbolic character, unlike in the past... It’s fundamentally different.[Omitted]Push the couple to the limit. A real tragedy will fall, an incident will occur, and you will suffer to restore it. Will they be able to stay the same? What kind of influence will it have on future works in the future? “

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