The live-action version of “Powerpuff Girls” is unveiled for the first time ─ Adult Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup

Popular cartoon animePowerpuff GirlsFrom the live-action version of the drama “Powerpuff Girls (original title)”Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup unveiled for the first timeWas done.

Leader Blossom is known for playing the role of Daisy Johnson in the drama “Agents of Shield.”Chloe Bennet..The innocent sweetheart Bubbles played Maru in the “Descendants” series.Dove Cameron..A tough and warlike butter cup of a singerYana PerotPlays.

In the live-action drama version, the three Powerpuff Girls who were girls“Frustrated 20s who lost their childhood after spending the fight against crime”Drawn as. Can they really rally for the world?

BlossomWas a cheerful, sincere, little miss-perfect kid with several degrees. But,Superhero・ I suffered from anxiety due to trauma as a child, and now I tend to withdraw. Such a girlfriend becomes a leader again. This time, just as you want.

BubblesIs a sweet girl who fascinated all over America as a child. It’s glittering even as an adult, but despite its charm, it also has toughness and wisdom. At first, she was attracted to the resurrection of her fame rather than to save the world, and it seems that we and herself will be surprised.

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