The main cast of the DC drama “Green Lantern” is announced for the first time ─ Finn Wittrock plays the role of Guy Gardner

DC ComicsOriginal, HBO Max original dramaGreen lantern(Original title: Green Lantern) “The performers of were announced for the first time.One of the main characters, Guy Gardner, in the “American Horror Story” seriesFinn WittrockPlays. The Hollywood Reporter and others reported.

The comic “Green Lantern” is a story about a hero who gained power from a magic ring and power ring that strengthens the wearer’s “will” and throws himself into a fierce battle for the survival of the universe and the battle with criminals. In the drama version, Alan Scott of “the first Green Lantern” is drawn on the earth in 1941, Guy Gardner in 1984, Bree Jarta who is half human and alien, and beyond time and space. A large number of green lanterns will appear.

Guy Gardner, played by Whitlock, is the “fourth generation” Green Lantern character in the comics.Often depicted as a parody of a macho and warlike superhero, the drama version of Gardner“Like comics, it is a” huge mass of masculinity “that embodies the super-patriotism of the 1980s. But for some reason it is loved.”Is explained.

So far, Whitlock has been involved in the “American Horror Story” series, as well as the Netflix drama “Ratched” (2020-) and the movie “The Big Short: The Great Reversal” (2015) and “La La Land” (2016). ) Appeared in “Judy Beyond the Rainbow” (2020). Although the filming of “Ratched” Season 2 is scheduled for the future, the filming time of the film has not been decided, and Whitlock prioritized the appearance in “Green Lantern”. It is said that the “ratched” side also acknowledged this through discussions.

According to media reportsThe actor who plays the “first” Alan Scott has already entered into negotiations for appearance, and is expected to be officially announced soon... Earlier reports said that comic characters and original characters such as “7th generation” Simon Baz, “8th generation” Jessica Cruz, popular characters Kilowog and Villain Sinestro will appear. I also want to pay attention to various castings.

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