The new drama of the original author of “Kingsman”, “Avengers”, “The Godfather”, and “2001: A Space Odyssey” are all included.

“Kick Ass” “Kingsman” seriesMark MillerBy the originalSuperhero·Drama“Jupiters Legacy”However, from May 7, 2021 (Friday)NetflixIt will be exclusively distributed at. Miller, who also serves as executive producer, revealed his confidence, ahead of one work on an exceptionally large scale.

According to Miller told Empire in the UK, this work is“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968), “Avengers” (2012), “The Godfather PART II” (1974). “A lot of series. The heart is …

For nearly 100 years from the 1920s, there was the first generation of superheroes who have protected world peace. Then, can the children take over the traces so as not to pollute their parents’ names? Can we overcome the pressure of having a superhero parent and continue to bring peace to the planet while meeting expectations?

The original author, Miller, wrote all the comics that started at Entertainment Weekly in the United States.“What happens to the children if the world’s strongest man like Superman marries the world’s strongest woman like Wonder Woman?”It is revealed that it was inspired by the concept. “What happens if an old hero retires? Even in Mr. Incredibles (2004), children are a nightmare.”

According to Empire, “Jupiters Legacy” is a work with violence and twist that seems to be a mirror work.The scale, the mirror itself“One series will tell a story for 50 years. 50 to 60 superhumans will come out and develop at once from 1929. It is a superhero story that runs through time and space and uncovers the mystery of the existence of human beings.”.. If you compare such an idea with an existing work, it would be “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Avengers”, “The Godfather PART II”.

Netflix, which has produced a number of blockbuster movies and series, said that it did not show any worries about this work either. Miller said, “I’ve never talked about” Is it possible to make it a little smaller? “The ambitious idea was rewarded.” Let’s look forward to the upcoming delivery of the whole picture.

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