The prestigious movie theater that represents Hollywood will be closed due to Corona ─ ─ Appeared in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theaters, Hollywood’s leading cinema chains,Impact of COVID-19It turned out that the museum will be closed. The US Deadline and others have reported.

Arc Light Cinemas and Pacific Theaters, run by The Decurion Corporation, own more than 300 screens in California. The most representative facility is the “Cinerama Dome”, which is known for its huge dome on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and has been loved by many filmmakers for showing 70mm films since its opening in 1963. Quentin Tarantino said,Once Upon A Time In Hollywood(2019), the dome will appear, and in “Hateful Eight” (2015), a premiere screening will be held at this place. The appearance of the Cinerama Dome appears in the former trailer for a moment.

The spread of the new coronavirus has forced Decurion to shut down theaters for over a year. In announcing the closing, a statement was released stating, “This is a result that no one wanted. Despite efforts to use up all options, there was no way to survive,” to employees, spectators, and industry insiders. Thank you.

According to media reports, both chains were aiming to resume operations on May 28, 2021, when “Quiet Place Broken Silence” and “Cruella” will be released. The theater side has been planning to accommodate 100% of the audience in late May, but the state of California has set the restriction to be lifted in mid-June. “This seems to have shattered the theater’s hopes,” Deadline said.

The closing of the theater was not due to the bankruptcy of the company, but Decurion returned the rights to each theater to the owner of the building. Therefore, although the outlook for the future is unclear, it is possible that another company will acquire the right to use the theater and reopen the theater under the same brand after the situation of the Corona disaster has settled down. Adjacent to the Cinerama Dome, ArcLight Hollywood is known as Hollywood’s premier cinema, so if both chains continue to close, Hollywood’s economic and cultural assets will remain lost. It is.

Sources: Deadline, Variety

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